New to AARP. Question about gift cards


So I just purchased a Kroger gift like 3 hours ago.  It said the purchase went through and that it would be sent to my email. However, I never received a confirmation email, and not the gift cards yet.  It also doesn’t say anything on my transaction history. My card has a pending charge though. 

Is this normal? Is there normally a confirmation email followed by the gift card email?  If not, how long should it take/what should I expect.  Thanks 

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@TjT920314 Hi TJ! Delivery of the gift cards can take up to 24 hours. I re-sent that Kroger card in case you did not receive it. I'm always here to help if you need anything!

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Hello! Welcome to AARP. There have been very few delays with the issuance of gift cards, but this occurrence does happen from time-to-time. However, @AARPJanelleM will most likely be able to assist! You may get some assistance over the weekend, but I'm sure it will be remedied no later than this coming Monday. Hopefully, your gift card will appear in your inbox/email before then. Oh, and be sure to check your spam folder, too! Sometimes AARP emails land there.  🙂 


Thank you :). Upon a little more digging into the website, it does say that I purchased a gift card (had to pick a different tab lol). But still no confirmation email or email with the gift cards in it 

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Hopefully, @AARPJanelleM can help! She's really good at helping with this sort of thing. Have a good night. 🙂

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