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Gift Card Gone at Checkout??

So your latest update took away the time allotted to check out when we get the daily deal? I went to check out my Kohls card today & it is telling me item no longer available.


Please fix this.



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It has been this way for some time.  If you are trying to get a Daily Deal you need to check out as quickly as possible.  I have had things in my cart on the Daily Deal and they have sold out within a couple of minutes while I am entering my payment information.  I even log out and log back in shortly before the sale to avoid having to verify my account.  And even that doesn't help sometimes. 


So in short it won't be fixed as it is not broken.  It is just the way it is now.

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In my opinion, it's broken as a concept. It's flawed.

It would be easy for AARP Rewards to do as AARP For Good did: give a time period to check out during which time nobody else could grab the gift card you were trying to purchase. It used to be 20 minutes which was very generous. I think that even 5 minutes would be a great improvement. 

I have suggested it many times but I do not think AARP Rewards is receptive to any suggestion of improvement. 

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For the $50 Chevron Daily deal, I was actually charged for the gift card, but did not receive it. It is a broken system and disappointing to be charged for something that wasn't available for purchase.   I am now waiting for AARP to reverse the charge on my credit card.

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