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Can earn points again (or not)

I just earned points for a video, so hopefully this means the issues have been resolved.


Oops.  Spoke too soon.  Just tried a second video and got the "technical issues, try again later" message.

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I went onto Chat Monday am and after a 20 minute wait, I talked to Wendi, who was able to restore my missing earned points from the weekend.  Then went back to the site and was able to view and receive points for several videos. Now the whole thing is down again and I can't confirm what or how many videos I saw or whether I got points.  Could be the site crashed due to volume.  So now we wait again!   AAARGH!!

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AARP Rewards is currently down, March 6, 2023 at 3;50 PM CST.  WTF???

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Well - It worked for about an hour and then Not Working Again!!!!



Lucky you! I did successfully 2 quizzes and the theme song. Then Staying Sharp and other videos want me to login; when I do, it goes in a circle login login login..

Maybe later will be better.

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I just logged off, cleared my cache, and logged back in.  Now was able to do 3 videos in a row and got points, so looks like it is working.  Or maybe the site will be swamped with people trying to earn points at the same time, and there still might be problems.

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