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'AARP Rewards site is back up'

AARP Rewards site is back up


Please visit Discover to access AARP Rewards


01082024 AARP Rewards Site Is Back Up.png

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AARP Rewards site is back up!


Please visit Discover to access AARP Rewards


No tech issues now (at least for me, I'm not having any issue(s)):


01082024 No Tech Issues Now.png

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Seems that it's back to platform maintenance status.




We're working on making AARP Rewards even better


Platform maintenance will be completed as quickly as possible, please check back later. 


01082024 Platform Maintenance.png

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The rewards site may be 'back up,' but there seems to be some tech issues (that I'm experiencing). (see below)


01082024 Test Shows There Are Tech Difficulties.png


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Yes, I get the message


Sorry we are having trouble accessing your account

Click to login and refresh


and when I logout and log back in, get the same thing.

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