Native American beadworker: Want to set up "acct" for donations for son's grave marker. How do i get started?

I am a disabled mid 60's Native American beadworker.  My dear son, Rob, died a few years ago at 31.  He had NO INSURANCE and died SUDDENLY of a brain bleed.  After he had a seizure, went into a coma, he was determined to be brain dead. What a terrible shock!.. Local funeral home allowed me to make PAYMENTS for about 3 years to pay off his funeral.  However, I had to pay the cemetery expenses before he was buried in the "borrowed grave" that was donated by a neighbor..  SOMEONE HAD A BENEFIT WHERE DONATIONS WERE MADE THAT PAID FOR THE CEMETERY BILL AND FOR HIS CASKET.

Finally, the funeral is ALL PAID OFF, but there is no money for a grave marker.  It breaks my heart that it is so difficult to find his grave when I go there.  Over time, people wanted to donate toward the grave marker, but CRESTWOOD CEMETERY over on Hill Road near Flint REFUSED TO TAKE INDIVIDUAL DONATIONS for that until I had paid HALF of the expense up front.  Since it was about $1400 for the stone, i couldnt come up with half of that at one time.

Since I live on less than $700 a month from SSA (my late husband's) and $3 a month from SSI, there just is no money left over.  I cannot accept DONATIONS MADE DIRECTLY TO ME because of my being eligible for the SSI (which allows me to get Medicaid besides the Medicare) which matters because I have so many medical expenses.

Since I still have the skills to make Native American beadwork, I was thinking that I could advertise to do pieces for people ......and not ACCEPT ANY MONEY

.  How could I set up something to COLLECT DONATION IN TRADE FOR THE to be paid to the CRESTWOOD CEMTETERY DIRECTLY when it grows to enough to cover half of the grave stone expenses?

Since I am in bed most of the time, I certainly HAVE TIME to do the beadwork.  Honestly, I lost the motivation once my son died.  I am comforted knowing that he loved Our Lord Jesus and that he was saved when he passed.  One day, not long from now, I WILL SEE HIM AGAIN, when I go to Heaven too.

What I thought was that I could try to do some SIMPLE PROJECTS, like making earrings, bracelets, rings, or even some simple necklaces like i used to make for pow wows.  Can't set up to "trade" at pow wows anymore, cause my partner who did the set up and tear down has moved away years ago, leaving me with no way to get there.  I miss sitting around with other Natives, talking and doing our beads.  Unfortunately, there is no reservation near here either.

Anyway, I do still have ALL THE SUPPLIES to do my Native beadwork.  I just need to GET MOTIVATED again.  When I was thinking about how sad it makes me that my son has no grave stone, It DAWNED on me that maybe I could advertise to do the beadwork for people, but not take any money for it.  I would just let people MAKE DONATIONS that they would give to help get the grave stone for my son.  

That way I would feel motivated to do beadwork.  It would also be a good BRAIN EXERCISE WHICH THE DOCTOR SAYS I NEED.  I dont know about you, but it is sooooo DEPRESSING TO FEEL USELESS when i cant work or even take care of my own needs.  I do have a caregiver who helps out.

Reading things here, I thought that maybe there were others like me, DISABLED, SENIORS, who might be able to COME UP WITH SOME IDEAS ON HOW TO GET STARTED DOING THIS.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  

I call myself MA64NANA  (year i graduated), and on yahoo, I am kajern plus my age at that time (55), or MichiganNana11 at pogo. Or, here in Michigan, 810 732 9656 with your ideas.  thank you very much for brain storming with me.  That is one thing I miss in this stage of my life, no one interested in brain storming for solutions. 

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