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Re: part time work.

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Hello @baranmYou may be interested to know that we currently are hosting an AARP expert on this very topic. This month, ask AARP Expert Susan Weinstock about finding flexible work options that work for you. Please pop over to our Theme Month Discussion and join AARP subject matter expert Susan Weinstock. Thank you!

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part time work.

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I am going to be attending the AARp driver safety course this week and it got me thinking.  Maybe someone out there has some direction. 

I am retired from law enforcement and also taught for the WCSD for 10 years.  Teaching this type of driver training course, or similar, to AARP members (or anyone) would be right down my alley. 


I'll certainly ask at the class but what education work is available for AARP and their local organizations ? 


Thanks !


Michelle Baran

Reno, NV.


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