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Where to start researching a career change?

I've been a software developer for 25+ years. Over the past year or so, I realized that I've peaked in my career and earning potential. I earn enough to support my wife, who's retired already, and family. But I simply don't have the desire to maintain the technical learning pace with colleagues half my age.


I turn 59 next month and my wife, who turns 65 in January, really wants to start living a retirement lifestyle. As you can see, my work and her retirement don't align. So I think it's time to look for something that can leverage my expertise hopefully without reducing my current income too severely.


I just started exploring what AARP has to offer. Are there career changer services available?




I have coached many professionals in your shoes. May I suggest that you answer the following questions:


1. What work are you passionate about doing?

2. Where can you make Positive Measurable Impacts While Having Fun?

3. What is the lowest compensation that you may earn and remain comfortable?

4. Who is in your network who may be able to introduce you to someone in a target company?

5. A How are your listening skills? You may be able to consult for companies. If that interests you, I recommend that you search for consulting firms as a full time employee. Why full-time? It takes sales pressure off of you and you may be able to leverage their 401(k) plan to earn more for your coming retirement. 


I am 73 and have enjoyed my business since 1990 - no reason to stop. My wife is a retired ICU Nurse and is 2 years younger than me. I am happy to chat if you like. 

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