Was I discriminated against?

Looking for some input. I recently had an interview at a local Target store. I remember the on-line application asked if I "was over 40." I am wondering if this is legal. When I exited the store, I didn't see *anyone* who even remotely looked like me-everyone seemed to be early 20s. Has anyone here had experience with interviewing at Target? I thought my interview went well-this was for a credit greeter and cashier position, both of which I have extensive experience. Many thanks for any answers/direction you may be able to provide me. I am new to the AARP Forums and hope to help someone else out.

Just to add to your list of discrimination points, "Smoking", if they find out if your a smoker, that will take you immediately out of the hiring lists. I use to be in Management and Administration said they did not want any one who smokes to be hired. FYI
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"Administration said they did not want any one who smokes to be hired. FYI "


Well,  can you blame them  -  if they are offering benefits like a group plan for health insurance  -  no benefits administrator in their right mind wants a lot of cigarette smokers enrolled.  


Even though ACA removed pre-existing conditions for individuals applying for insurance the insurers are still allowed to ask "do you smoke cigarettes" and charge you higher if you answer "yes." 


All other things being equal,  if an employer has two applicants to choose from,  and each has identical qualifications,  experience,  and education for the position,   can you really blame them for choosing the non-smoker over the smoker?   Isn't that the intelligent decision? 

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Let's be clear.  It is illegal for an employer to ask for age or d.o.b. on the initial form.  Once the applicant has passed the initial stage and the employer is requesting additional personal information that can be used for a criminal check,  credit check,  etc. it must be stated so in writing that is the purpose and the reason for the use of the personal information.


I can't believe the OP is correct the Q was stated on the application  as   "Are you over 40?"  


Are you sure it wasn't  are you available to work "over 40"  hours.  Or, are you able to lift "over 40 lbs,  or somesuch.   ?


Target may be engaging in discriminatory hiring practices.    But they aren't so dumb to leave it out in the open like that.  


I have applied to several jobs and in a final non discrimination question they ask if you are Over 40. It is in a section where they ask ethnicity, gender and if you have committed a felony. That is the actual QUESTION. You cannot skip it.
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