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Re: Was I discriminated against?

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At this time of year, there is rampant employment discrimination going on!
If you are overweight, male, and wear a long white beard, you can get hired in a minute!!

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Was I discriminated against?

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Looking for some input. I recently had an interview at a local Target store. I remember the on-line application asked if I "was over 40." I am wondering if this is legal. When I exited the store, I didn't see *anyone* who even remotely looked like me-everyone seemed to be early 20s. Has anyone here had experience with interviewing at Target? I thought my interview went well-this was for a credit greeter and cashier position, both of which I have extensive experience. Many thanks for any answers/direction you may be able to provide me. I am new to the AARP Forums and hope to help someone else out.
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