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There are some carwashes that don't mind hiring the elderly

Waterway carwash loves turning away older people and the management is very good at lying about it when it comes to trying to land a job there.  And it's corporate the one that is doing it.  Tell them that God wants us to tell the truth and you never know if they will own up or get nasty about it.  However some carwashes in the St. Louis area don't mind hiring those over 50.  Cardnial Carwash over on Manchester is very fond of hiring people over the age of 50 as some remember that the carwash used to be a "hook 'n' chain" type of carwash.  The one in Clayton is also good at ignoring the age of the job applicant and hunting only for the talent.  One thing that carwashes should do is change the rules so that if a would-be applicant can't drive a car but has other talents, such as vacuuming out the customers cars, or be an extra guy to buff it down, let the person work there.  It is a sad thing that some people in the corporate world prefer to act like jerks rather than obey the rules.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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