St. Louis Metro may be forced to offer more transit options for those over 60 to get to work

Several years back, St. Louis Metro was going to build an extension of the MetroLink into south St. Louis County.  That would have opened a good oppertunity for our generation so we can land jobs and keep the jobs we already have.  On September 30th, they took away routes for our generation and made it harder to get to work.  But there are 16 routes that are in need of a service change.  I menioned that the Fenton Connector on the tranist app serves Affton, MO but the website says it doesn't.  I menioned that it needs to serve Affton as well so that way our seniors can get out and if they want to have a job, the line would make it a little eaiser. Affton, MO is home to many AARP members.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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