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Some grey on my head starting to show up but still not wanting to retire at age 65


Some grey on my head starting to show up but still not wanting to retire at age 65

Well, I am glad that Mercy doesn't force people to retire at age 60.  My hair is FINALLY starting to show some grey.  What is so cool is that God makes the call for when it is time for a young person to get grey hair in their 50s.  I am 57 now, and I thought that maybe I may turn 60 before I get grey hair.  Now my hands still has some youth still left in them.  My skln hasn't sunk in yet to show age.  And I may go from cleaning elevators to running floor machines again.  


 Now here is one thing that some people who hire floor techs get skittish aboiut hiring people over the age of 50.  Some might feel that an older guy might stomp on it when it comes to running a riding scrubber.  Or they feel that once a 50-year-old floor tech is done that the machine would be in pieces.  Well we feel that's all garbage.  Many people our age grew up in an era when for a floor buffer, all we had were what is called today the "roto".  I think that maybe the first commercial high-speed burnisher came out in I think about either 1980 or 1990.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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Keep working til you do want to, for sure. 🙂

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