Reduction of Force

I am 64 1/2 years old.  My company that I have been with for 45 years+ laid me off classifying it as reduction of force.  I am an Union worker.  However, I heard through the grapevine they were bringing in 3 younger people (nonunion) into the department that I have worked in for the last 20+ years.    Because I am a Union member and currently there are no jobs available for what I was doing and also need to have an income to support my family, I have been basically forced to start drawing my Social Security benefits early as well as my Pension (at early age).  Do I have any grounds to file age discrimination against this employer?

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Brother, you need to talk with an attorney who specializes in labor relations. I have no personal experience with this sort of thing- I was a public school teacher, and we older teachers were secure in our positions- no one younger was crazy enough to want to do what we did.

It sounds like you might have a case against the company- and I hope you do- but you need legal help, not advice.


good luck- Ed

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