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Re: U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development Disbursement Services Branch

Hi @wandaw284008 - so glad you reached out about this.  I've done some digging and this doesn't look like a legitimate work from home job to me. For a start, the website is full of grammatical errors, which is a red flag.  Secondly, you have to pay a fee (admittedly a small fee, but a fee nonethless) to get started.  Thirdly, you have the option to get paid "up front" which feels like another red flag to me - for example, the company might issue you a check, which bounces, but then demand the money back from you.  In the case of this opportunity I do not know that would be the case, but it just feels like there could be potential pitfalls. 


I went on the the HUD site to see if they do issue refunds on home insurance once a mortgage is paid off.  They do, but (not surprisingly) they have their own process for issuing those refunds. Check out this page: and their fact sheet:


I hope this information is helpful!  If I learn anything more over the next few days I'll reply here again to update you.

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