Maximum age limits should be tossed out with the trash

When it comes to working for a place like a carwash or a coffee bar, sometimes they find ways around the system.  They know fair and square that age discrimination is illegal.  And if the Attorney General catches them, they can get into trouble.  On one radio program, when it comes to interviewing, sometimes if you see only young people, working at the place, you may want to ask them is there an upper age limit to work at the place that is hiring.  We know that American Idol has an upper age limit of 28 and many of us thinks that is stupid.  To us, upper age limits don't belong in the workforce.  One way that they might show that they may have an upper age limit to work at some places is that if they ask for the year you graduated from high school.  And now days, that is illegal.  That high school graduation year is the key componant that would trigger the HR to see if you are too old to work for them.  If they get rid of the question of what year you graduated from high school, then that could force them to hire you if you have the talents they are after.  I saw on one news item where a company was fined $8,000,000.00 for age discrimination.  For carwashes, I do hear that the place where the cars sit to be buffed down and vacuumed, the ground temperature can rise severely in the summer months.  But the carts the cleaners ride on has a cup holder where you can put your water bottle in.

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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Agreed !  Many of us 'oldsters' ( as seen by society ) are eager to work at least part time if not full time. AND, we'll be there on time, do the job to the best of our ability, stay off the cell phone/ipads.

Around the holidays, many employers are looking for part timers.

Question : will they hire a 70 yr. old ? Even those of us who are in good health & are eager to earn some much-needed money ?  Smiley Frustrated

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