Life coaching

i am thinking of offering life coaching for seniors.  It would of course be done over the internet and maybe for some on the phone.  It seems so many seniors are isolated  and this would offer them a chance to process  information with another person.  I am struggling with how I would go about marketing this service.   I would appreciate any feedback.    





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I would love this! 



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November 28, 2020


Dear Gisele.


Hello and good day. Need your advice and guidance.


I retire from working as self-employee in California on 2018 with a net pension of $302, now I am 71 years old. With that pension had no options but to live with my son and his family in Miami, Florida and he has been very kind to accept me. Since 2018 moving, doctors and other personal bills my saving have drain to almost $1,000.


For working reasons my son has to relocate and there is no room for me with him. I need to be guided on what my choices about housing or living are, not on my plans to become a homeless.


Have no handicaps, well fitted only with a little bit of hearing problem that can’t be solved with hearing aids, they are permanent. Native on Spanish and fluent on English with knowledge of other languages tried to look for some part time job, sent my resume but most of the time unsuccessful because my age and over qualifications. I do not have a car that makes even harder but willing to make sacrifices if necessary and that includes relocating. I love nature, hike and backpack a lot all over the U.S.A. and it would be wonderful to have a related work, at a National Park as staff or travel reporter or guide for senior adventurers and travelers, unfortunate the pandemic has made it difficult.


Belonging to AARP since 2014, do receive all your emails, probably have people that can offer advice, options and maybe solutions. Please let me know your thoughts.


Thanks in advance, be well, best regards,

Jose R. Zevallosdelaflor

Membership Number: 3340401094

Member Since: Feb. 20, 2014


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