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Learned a lesson about and started spreading the word to local businesses


Learned a lesson about and started spreading the word to local businesses

I did get an email responding to my question about the $99.00 price tag for posting and have learned that I have to be an employer or a recruiter at my place of employment.  But the good news is that once I was told that the bosses of these places of employment are the only ones allowed to post, I started traveling all over the St. Louis area spreading the word about  When I stopped at Waterway carwash, and gave them the word about the website, they stated that the main reason they like hiring "kids" is that sometimes when the wash is supery busy, you have to run timetimes to get the car off the belt. I told the young casher that I have seen some people that are in their 70s that run like teenagers.  The cashiers did agree that the corporate office at Waterway did make some stupid moves when it comes to hiring.  I even told the grocery store manager about the website and told that manger that all he or she needs to do is to set up an account with the website.  I am going to alert Kalid's Coffee also and tell them about the website so that they too can create an account so that they can post jobs.

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