Increase in transit service from an area known for seniors can turn HR's day upside down

We know many HR people will stop at nothing to keep people our age out of their places of employment.  If I was manager of the 7-11 on Lemay Ferry Road, and knew about the I-55 Express and knew it would be serving many people our age, I would have made a big flyer and have it pasted all over my windows advertising the service.  Many places of employment will even go as far as telling CEOs to not let any businesses say a word about transit in senior citizen prone areas.  What I did would really ruin it for many HR managers.  I wrote to Joe Biden asking him to make an executive order to force our store chains to advertise transit so that way we can have an easier way to work.  Now that would get many HR mangers downright upset and pretty provoked. It would serve them right for playing games with us. Each time a new transit route opens, it makes it easy for any one of us to apply for a job and would help us stay employed.  Expanding transit in senior prone areas makes it harder for the HR manager to age discriminate.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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