I might be upgraded to being a floor tech at either the age of 57 or 58

I was given a raise for my good work in cleaning elevators and now I may have the option of if I want to upgrade.  I texted my job coach and told here that if they want to train me to be a floor tech such as strip and wax floors, I am all for it.  I told her that in Branson, MO, Cox Hospital has more floor techs that are at age 50 and above than any other hospital.  I think that I could be making history where I work at if I do the upgrade.  I am hoping to do the upgrade.  And I think it would look so cool with another 58 or 60 year old man working a floor machine.  Lets keep our fingers crossed and pray for the best.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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