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Re: Have you had a second career?

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".....Have you had a second career?....".

I've had two-and-a-half. Caseworker in the 70's. Went into IT (nee 'Data Processing') by 1980. In early 2000's, after losing IT job, did another '180' and became a CNA (certified nurse assistant).
Having been retired for 10 years, that probably counts as another 'career'.

Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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Re: Have you had a second career?

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I completely understand your frustration. I'm sure you have also been focusing on networking, which is the way most folks receive job offers these days (rather than via online board postings, etc.). I'm wondering if you've ever thought about becoming a business or executive coach. It seems to me that you offer valuable experience and insight that would benefit any small business owner or up-and-coming executive. Just something to think about as you continue on your journey. Don't lose hope. Continue to reach out to everyone in your network and ask for their help. 

Vicky DeCoster
Certified Life Coach and Author
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Re: Have you had a second career?

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Try as I might, I believe, with some exceptions, getting a job when you reach a certain age is difficult if not impossible.  This is even more true today, where virtually everything is done online and your chances of getting an interview appear to be slim to none, at least to me.  I have read article after article and nothing helps.  In my opinion, most of the job boards are looking to make a buck by selling you services (i.e., upgrading your resume).  Futhermore, many job boards seem to generate job offers that are very questionable at best (i.e., reshipping services or procurement jobs that require you to work from home and buy all sorts of equipment until the local office opens - a scam in my opinion).  


I have been looking for a job for the better part of 9 months, with one interview in that time.  I have a masters degree, finished my career as a senior executive of a global consulting company, yet I cannot get a simple customer service or administrative position.  I believe when they see that I spent 41 years at one company and figure in my college graduation dates, it is very easy to see that I am a "mature" individual. That along with my prior salary and the "overqualified" tag are the final nail in the coffin.  Lately, I have  focused on emphasizing the fact that I am very serious in my interest in the position, as well as the reasons why I feel my business acumen would benefit their organization, regardless of the other factors already mentioned; still no success.  Sorry to sound so negative, but that has been my experience.

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Re: Have you had a second career?

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Yes!   I worked for forty years as an executive secretary.   When I retired (at the age of 60) I knew I was going to have to do something else for awhile, in order to "fill in the age gap" until I would reach full-age Social Security eligibility.   For whatever was next in my future, I wanted to do something different than office work so I immediately began taking training to become a pharmacist technician, and I went to work with one of the big retail chains.   I was really blessed that I was able to do this work - I know not all of us sixty-somethings are able to stand on their feet for eight hours at a  time,  but I was and I did it.   I did this work for six years, and recently at age 66 I finally arrived at my long-worked-towards goal:   full retirement age.   It was definitely (financially) worth the wait, and I now look back in satisfaction on all this.  Speaking for myself here, this work was a good choice and I will add too, that the older customers in the store really did like having a fully-mature technician on hand to ask for advice about over-the-counter products, to discuss their apprehensions about (first time around!) colonoscopies [chances are these such customers are not going to discuss this topic with younger technicians] and a cheery greeting and general advice.  It was a good second-career job to have taken on - but admittedly, had I not had the ability to work standing, this would have been one that wouldn't have been able to be pulled off!   When I made my departure, the store had a nice party for me and I got many cards giftcards and flowers and candy from customers who assured me that I would be truly missed.  

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Have you had a second career?

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Jobs are out there, even if you've been away for a few years. For helpful tips, check out AARP's 5 Ways To Jump-Start a Second Career.


Have you had a second career?

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