Good news and should I travel all over the St. Louis area luring employers to hire people over 50

Good news.  I am now officially a member of AARP.  Now I am tempted to use my Fridays in traveling all over the St. Louis area in advocating for people over the age of 50 and sounding like a high pressure car salesman luring employers to hire older people.  I am thinking of doing it but some might say I could be asking to get myself sued if I go to places like Watertway and tell them that they don't have the authority to age discriminate and they have any upper age limits to work for them that their upper age limits are going out with the trash.  I know the best option is to talk to a manager to set up an appointment to talk about the perks of hiring senior citizens.  One cool thing is that if I contact AARP and sign up to volunteer as an advocate for all of you, that would be great.  Getting to work for sure has gotten to be a lot easier since many transit companies have started and are now always buying low-floor buses.  That is so that we older generation people can get on without any trouble.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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