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Since leaving a permanent job four years ago, I have been working temporary/contract jobs. Having previously worked as an accountant for very large corporations, I have been specialized into one aspect of accounting, financial reporting.  But there are not many opportunities in that part of the accounting field.  So I am looking for career counseling.  I need someone to point me in the right direction to add skills in the accounting and bookkeeping fields that will make me more marketable.  How do I find someone who can help?



As a certified Life/Career Coach, I am familiar with the struggles that adding or changing skills can present. You are wise to consider connecting with an experienced support person to receive guidance and insight. 

I always offer clients a free "get to know each other" session. We use this session to determine whether there is helpful match. The most important part of successful coaching is the personal match between the coach and the candidate.

After that session you determine whether you need on going support and whether I can provide it for you. Sessions can be done virtually, by phone or in person if geographically realistic.

You set your goals. As your coach I help you achieve them. 

My rates are reasonable and NO ONE will be turned away for financial reasons.

If you are still interested, take a look at my website or email me at

The key question is What Do You for Your One Precious Life?

I hope you are working full time in a satisfying career by this time, but if not, I'd be explore with you whether I can assist.

Best Wishes

Marc Jacobs, Life/Career Coach


You did not mention in your reply how much you know about the accounting profession. Can you please talk about that? I need career options, not emotional support.



I wish you well on your search. I know how frustrating the process can be. 

However, AARP is not the best site to seek accounting career options.


I am not a specialist in any specific career field.


I would refer you to your local accounting organizations, networking groups and LinkedIN. I would be glad to help you search and connect with those options. 


Best wishes



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