Express service in style for those over the age of 50

Please.  Do you want bus routes in areas like South County to be open or closed?  Many of us who are over 50 wants to see as much service as possible.  And that means many of us would want those routes to be open.  By signing this petition, you are showing that you want Motorcoaches to run on the express routes so that many of us who want to go back to work can have reliable service.  And if more of us has the service, the more people will want to ride.  And if more people ride these routes, the more better these routes will not only open but also stay open.  There was a man at the age of 62 who lost his job because of low ridership on the section of Lemay Ferry Road that runs in Oakville.  Had they gone back to motorcoaches, bus service on the stretch of Lemay Ferry Road in Oakville would have remained open.  If we get enough signatures, maybe we can get service along that section of Lemay Ferry Road reopened!  And if it does open, that could mean more people over the age of 50 either landing jobs or going to coffee.

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