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Nicole ๐Ÿ’ผ (Work & Jobs Forum)

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My ream job is to be a assistant controller,


I have know since I was 14 years old that I wanted to work in accounting, I don't know everything about accounting and finance.  I worked in accounting for 10 years without a degree and after raising 4 grown children I did go back to school get my accounting degree. 


I have worked in accounting for over 22 years, and looked for jobs that would offer a position that would mentor along the area of controller, I have been great at my job, committed to excellent and the success of the company, all the phone interviews have been great, but after the zoom interview it is a different story, I think that my gray hair has been a red light for employers. 


It is as if people think that your brain or intelligence stops working or that you are  or will be unproductive because of my age.  I have continued to do self education at home on my own, in hope that someone will have to good since to hire me. 

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