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I am looking for suggestions or guidance.  I currently find myself at a type of career crossroads.  There are a couple of reasons that I find myself here.  One being, I am in need of a change, the others I will discuss privately.

I am an accountant with a MBA.  The MBA was supposed to help me make changes, but due to a string of unlucky events, it has not.  I am looking for avenues to use my knowledge and skills in a more rewarding and creative way.


I hope there is someone out there who can provide me a few ideas.


Thank you so much.


Thank you for your reply.  I have dealt with Robert Half and other agencies in the past and agree they are pro-active.  It is just hard to break out of the box you are placed in based on previous jobs/tasks.  I will keep contemplating my options.

Again thank you for taking time to reply.

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Hi - just wanted to chime in here with some additional thoughts. Have you considered moving into financial counseling or becoming a certified financial planner?  I know those positions are in high demand and that employers tend to value older CFPs because they have more life experience.  Another idea is to look for any kind of finance/business/strategy role at small organizations - think 20-50 employees - who could benefit from your years of experience and specific knowledge.  That could open the door to different types of busineses that might be more interesting to work at and give you the change you're looking for.  I wish you the best of luck! 

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@tw2888407 MBA's are desired by Management Consulting Firms  but most brick and mortar companies say 'why hire an MBA and pay a higher salary'?


Look for Accountemps or Robert Half. They have hundreds of positions and are very pro-active firms. Most temp jobs turn into Full Time especially if they find a reliable Accountant.


Good luck!

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