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Bus cleaning jobs at Metro

What I learned that cleaning a public bus from the movie "Bus Garage" which was by KETC Channel 9 and is narrated by Jim Kircher, is that to clean the inside of the bus, you pull a big vacuum attachment up to the front door.  You want to have the interior lights on so you can see.  Once it's on and running, then the guy takes an air hose and blasts the stuff out the door.  Then the vacuum sucks it up and presses it into a big bale where a forklift drives the large bale of trash to the dumpster.  There is a carwash that is designed for buses.  Once the first shower of water sprays on the bus, that is when you want to swish the wipers once.  Sadly there aren't any dryers to blow the water off of the bus.  Then after the big rinse, you run the wipers again until the entire windshield is wiped clean and spotless.  Low floor buses often have rubbish that collect under the platform under the ramp.  So at the vacuum station, you want to blast the rubbish out of the ramp area so that the entire ramp area is free from rubbish.  Then you want to do for deep cleaning of the bus, you want to wipe the dash down, gauges, steering wheel, seats, seatbelts, inside of the windows, and to get the ramp area well detailed, you mop your ramp with the flap inside the bus, then you deploy the ramp, all the water will run off of the ramp onto the floor.  Then you mop the rest of the area. To detail the steering wheel, you adjust the wheel positions so that you can get the entire steering post, including the area where the dirt hides.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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Hi Patrick. I work at the Metro (office) And you have pretty much summed it up! We have several service line workers (their job title) That have been doing it for years. It's a flexible job that lets them work and go to school or other jobs. 


Yes indeed.  You may have noticed some numbers at the end of my username and my icon for my username.  The icon is from one of the buses we used to have which were the old Rhor Flxbile 7300s and my username was from the old Rhor Flxible 7200 class buses.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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