Age discrimination during recruiting calls

I've been looking for a job for a long time and I'm very eager to find a job. This morning I received a call from "Tricia at Career Coach" saying she was going to help me in my job search and had many job openings available. She asked me what type of position I was looking for and I told her graphic designer. Tricia then asked me to confirm my year of high school graduation. I confirmed that I had graduated and had a college degree. She said she wanted the year of my HS graduation or GED, but I responded that I thought that was an age discriminatory question...and she hung up.


Am I crazy and letting opportunities fall by the wayside or is this not an okay question to ask? I've gotten so many weird phone calls since I've had my new resume and profile out there - but I need to get it out there to find a job. Sometimes a caller will ask a few questions and then hang up and I'm left wondering if it's a scam. Several times I have picked up the phone to hear weird music and ?Chinese? being spoken so I'm very weirded out! How do I know when I can trust a caller?

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She broke the rules.  She knew fair and square not to ask you what year you graduated from high school.  Where I work at, that is not allowed.  Anyone in HR pulls that crap doesn't stand a 2nd chance of staying employed.  

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Last year I went through a divorce and had to find a job. I felt the same way but when I interviewed. As soon as I was walked in I felt the tone change because I was a senior. I finally found a job through a program called MET (Motivating, Educating and Training) in Texas for older workers. I worked part time and was offered a job with the company. Unfortunately the business closed down but I did find a job a couple weeks later during the pandemic at a grocery store. I'm still looking for something else. I'm researching working from home. Hope I can find something there. Good luck,  

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Unfortunately, life happens; now that I am a widower I am discovering even more things about myself.  I am a powerhouse! Just remember take one day at a time. You are awesome and bring years of experience to the new employer which is smart enough to recognize your strength and skills! 🤗 @LdyBGemini  from MyLifesPurpose

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