Age discrimination at Fox College

I attended Fox College in Bedford Park Illinois. I was in enrolled in the OTA program. They miss lead me and miss treated me the 18 months that I attended.

- They let the muslim lady wear their head pieces but black people could not.

- The younger student could fail their field placement  and move on to the next level or take it over, I was not.( My fieldplacement counselor lied and mislead me and the school counlselor  did nothing to correct this issue. I was not give a opportunity to retake the class.) so now I have to pay for classes that I did not finish. I only need one class(fieldplacement 2B) I passed 2A. 

-I was the only student that had to drive over an hour to a fieldplacement..

-The school only offered tutoring help to the younger student.( In order for me to get help I had to ask one of younger student to ask for help. This college should be reported. I would like to sue but lawyer cost are high. I do not have a job. If you can help me or direct me I would be happy.I  could said alot more but I get mad. so If you can help I would appreciate it.

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