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spousal benefits at "age 62" ?

I am familiar with spouses being eligible for an early SS retirement benefit at age 62. This is even stated by the SSA on this page, "requirement is that the spouse must be at least age 62", and in many other official sources.


But when I use the feature on that linked page to "Compute the effect of early retirement for spouses" it invariably gives me an error "However, you can not start benefits before age 62 and one month". I don't understand this.


This is the case with other SSA calculators, including Anypia32.exe, and the handful of free (and paid) commercial software that I have used to calculate retirement benefits: they all want the spouse to be 62 years and one month at the youngest.


......I did a quick Google search here and found my answer. Posting it as it may be helpful for others.....


Okay, answering my own question here, "You must be at least 62 for the entire month to receive benefits" as stated here (and most likely in the more official relevant POMS and CFRs).


"Thanks fffred !!"   lol

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Don't know if this is a good answer... but I've been working to be 'awarded' my Spousal Benefit. As you know there's very little, if any, info give *anywhere*. Where I learned most of my situation is when I scheduled an interview to review my benefits at the local SSA office. At that interview I was provide most all of info I needed... once I 'passed' their little vocal quiz of my past life. That was pre-covid... as I understand now SSA does very few, if any, in person interviews, everything is done via telephone in these Covid daze!

Although, at mentioned office interview.. I was not provided ALL info since I didn't have my birth certificate on hand for them to review. I've gotten that accomplished.. via mail - post covid. 

Currently, I'm schedule for another review.. soon (soon for SSA is usually 30-60day BTW!). This is suppose to get me officially qualified for the Survivor's benefit. So.. the 'short story' is that you need to call your local office and schedule an interview to get any answers. 

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