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"Social Security Handbook" ?

It's just come to my attention (or maybe I forgot about it) that there is the "Social Security Handbook". It's available online as a pdf on the SS Administration's web site,


I've never received but It looks a lot like the the Medicare Handbook I get in the postal mail every year.


Is this something that all SS recipients are given? It seems a lot bigger than the Medicare Handbook. And I see bound copies for prior years available for sale. Walmart shows an upcoming 2021 Edition (to be available in May) for $85,


So, is something we get in the mail once we apply for benefits? Thanks.



Edit:   well, to answer my own question, apparently the answer is "no". The Handbook states:


"Is The Social Security Handbook Available In Paper Format?

No. The Social Security Handbook is no longer available in paper format; it is available online at: Social Security. "


Presumably there are private publishers who print this off for sale and distribution. rather than being printed by the Federal government.


well, I could delete my thread but maybe it will help others to have directions to that Handbook.

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