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Windfall Elimination Provision - Confusion


Windfall Elimination Provision - Confusion

Is there an easy to use WEP calculator, someone who can explain to me the effects on my social security or someone who I can share my SS statement who can interpret the effects?


I have about 24 years of SS wages, but  11 of those years were under $12k per year and 5 were above $90k..  The rest were in the 15-30k range. 


I am only 50, but am planning on staying in a non-SS government SS replacement plan. 


How can I estimate my benefit? 

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Will the SSA wep calculator be of any assistance to you?




I'm not very familiar with the wep rules. I know in passing what it is and what it does, but about all I can offer is direction to this calculator and Google. Good luck.

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Ahhhh, I can add another calculator that I had in mind. This is free and is web-based, and there will be no one contacting you to sell you anything. Written by a well-regarded financial guy and author, Mike Piper. See


The "About" page there doesn't mention wep but the "Readme" file for the software says "When calculating monthly benefit amounts, as long as the user provides the necessary inputs, the calculator will account for an assortment of complicating factors, including: *Government Pension Offset (GPO) and Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP); ..."  Thus, I feel reasonably confident directing someone to this calculator.

edit to add:    Be sure to "click" the option box at the top of the calculator page to open up the "options that may apply to you...", it's easy to miss this. Then be sure to "check" the option box where it mentions jobs/pensions that are not covered by Social Security. In this case, at the very bottom of the page is a discussion

     "If you are affected by the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP), please enter your WEP-reduced PIA in the "PIA" field. Here, in the field for "PIA without WEP reduction," please enter your PIA without the effect of the WEP. This allows the calculator to account for the fact that the WEP does not reduce your PIA a) until you begin receiving the pension and b) when calculating survivor benefits on your work record. The SSA can calculate these two PIA amounts for you over the phone, or you can calculate them yourself with the SSA's Online Calculator (WEP Version) or the SSA's "Any PIA" offline calculator."

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