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Survivor's SS vs Disabled Survivor's SS amount


Survivor's SS vs Disabled Survivor's SS amount

My husband passed away 2021 and I receive survivor's social security for myself and our daughter. I'll automatically lose my portion once my daughter turns 16, but I'll continue to get her portion. So, in two years the total income we receive for two of us to live on will be reduced by half.

I already have disabilities which would prevent me from working, but I haven't filed a disability claim since I receive a decent payment from survivor's SS. When I'm dropped from Survivor's SS, I've read I can file for survivor's disability benefits based on my late husband's earnings. I have to be 50 to apply.

1.Does anyone know if I'll receive his full retirement amount since he passed away before he retired?

2. I'll be in my early 50's, but disabled. What percent of his income will I receive.

3. If I take reduced Disability insurance in my 50's then go back to work at some point (hoping I recover) will I be able to apply again and receive his full retirement amount if I wait until I'm full retirement age?

4. I read I'd receive 70% if his full retirement if I apply while diabled in my 50's. Does this mean I'll always be stuck at 70%? Seems it should go up when I reach retirement age.

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I don't understand why you don't go to the "horses mouth" and ask these questions as they could tell you ..Don't be intimidated by it...What you might receive from the general populus is heresay not official and might lead you to making the wrong decision based on what others are saying unless they are qualified to give the correct information..Do yourself a favor and go to the proper place for the  answer and guide you in your decison making...A lot has to be gain here by the right choice..What is good for one is not always the same for another...

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