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Soc Sec Pmt Increase Due To Working

I went back to work twice since starting Soc Sec. This resulted in an increase in my monthly benefit when the new earnings were added to my record. Understandably the increase didn't show up immediately the following year. Instead, I got only the COLA increase for Jan - Nov. Then in DEC I was paid the new amount plus 10 times the difference, to make up for the previous 10 months. Seems like it should have been 11 times, so that I got the increased amount for all 12 months. The same exact thing happened the next year.


Has anyone else here went back to work after starting SS? Did you have the same experience? Any clarification of what I am overlooking is appreciated.


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I think I figured this out. It has to do with the fact that the pmts you receive in a calendar year were actually earned in Dec of the previous year plus Jan - Nov of the present year. So if you are due an increase in the present calendar year it would apply only to the pmts you get in Feb - Dec of the present year. They handle that by simply paying you what you were due without the increase for that period, and then they pay you the difference all at once in Dec.


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