Pausing Benefits for Working, then Starting Again

Last year I started benefits but then in November paused them because I had an income opportunity. I was advised by SS to pause them so I would not owe anything. I worked for six months and made $25,000 in 2022. The job ended on June 02. I just asked for my benefit payments to start again. So I understand that I made $5440 over the allowed $19,560. $2720 of that will be reduced from my benefits.My benefits is about $21,500 yearly.


However since my benefits were paused for at least six months, I am trying to figure out if I can continue to work some more until the total amount of income over $19,560 would equal the benefits that I did not receive this year. In other words, for the income already made this year my yearly benefit is reduced by $2720. But because my benefits were paused for six months, that is a $10,750 (21,500/2)  reduction, well over the $2720. So I think I should be able to make that up by working more this year.

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