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HELP! benefit suspended for clerical error

Hello! I started receiving a widow's benefit two years ago and I reside abroad. (I am not a US national - but worked there for 20+ years and chose to take this benefit over my own). Anyone else here abroad and understand the rule about working less than 45 hours per month? I made a mistake and filled in the months I did work and did work less than 45 per month and left the others blank - SS took this as though I worked more and then suspended my benefit for three months - I appealed but in the meantime never got help from the US European office for SS - where I am supposed to do everything through. Likewise I had friends in the US actually go to the SS office on my behalf but of course, they could not explain the rules, Anyway I sent all in but in the meantime, my benefit was interrupted again for the three month period. What should I do? I am told to go to the website or call the US consulate SS office that no one answers. Any ideas? Many thanks and sorry for the long-winded explanation.

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