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Email: Welcoming the 118th Congress...Why Now?


Email: Welcoming the 118th Congress...Why Now?

I received an email today from an AARP's advocacy group encouraging me to welcome the new 118th Congress by contacting my representatives and voicing our social security viability concerns.  Seems to me that if AARP was really interested in the rescue of social security, they would have sent this letter/email 1 or 2 years ago when the democratic party held a near super majority of the 117th Congress.  I got to ask, Why Now?

Esteemed Social Butterfly

I must not be subscribed to this, but it's really all political theater. They want you to worry, every day. They want you to continue second-guessing your future because of the, 'We have everything under control' tactic. Just read between the lines. It is there that you will understand. I totally agree with what you wrote, too. Why now? It may have something to do with the debt ceiling confliction and how one party is in favor of cutting SS, Medicare, and other meaningful programs for this country, vs taxing the rich?  🙂

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