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Sweepstakes Scams

AARP's podcast series The Perfect Scam is back with more new episodes! It profiles America's biggest scams through personal stories of scam victims and their families as well as interviews with professional con artists and leading experts on scams and fraud. Hear about how these scams happen and how to avoid them from those who know best.


This week's episode is a double episode (from last week and today) and explores the Sweepstakes Scam. Listen here to part 1 and here to part 2 and let us know what you think.


Have you or someone you know been a victim of this scam? Share your stories and any tips you have with us.

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My ex-husband, a former federal government employee, has been sending money to all manner of scammers, con artists, religious scammers, etc., for at least 25 to 27 years.  It was so bad that Western Union banned him from sending money overseas.  Nothing we said to him could convince him that what he was doing was wrong.  Every payday....he send hundreds of dollars to either a certain TV preacher, or to the folks he called his "business partners" , who would call him on his cell phone and harangue him about sending more money in order to collect his winnings.  He had a major stroke in 2017, and is now being cared for by our daughter.  She threw his cell phone in the sewer, and was able to legally get control of his finances.  He'll be going into a nursing home soon, under Medicaid, because he has no assets and no money.

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