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Scam cancellation letter

Hello everyone,


Here's the problem: today my son tried to cancel a Canal+ subscription (TV subscription) that we no longer wanted via the following site:(, which I had to pay for in the afternoon of that day.

To put it simply, the site sends a so-called letter of cancellation to the organisation of our choice (my son has chosen Canal+) after filling in a vicious form (, within "the shortest possible time", mentioning in small print that 30 euros will be charged afterwards.


And I come to you, because I don't know if I should pay this bill. Indeed, the latter arrives by email and sometimes threatens to increase the amount or to call a bailiff when there is no transaction when they have "done you a favour" (something they do not do according to the reviews on the site here:


Furthermore, I was not asked for any credit card number, only address, email address, first and last name. The site is from a Dutch company, appearing with the tag "sponsored" in the google search "cancel my canal+ subscription". I also add that their phone number and email address do not work...


What do you think ? Do I have to pay the bill even after accepting their fraudulent contract ? 


Thanks again for your help!



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