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Scam attempt from Freewallet org

Hi everyone!

I'd like to warn you about the possibility of scam. Freewallet org is a website, created to commit online Fraud. It's owners, are Russian citizens Dmitry Gunyashov and Vasilii Mesheryakov. 

Among investors, traders, and clients of other financial services, interest in cryptocurrencies is growing every year. Freewallet is named as a crypto wallet but actually it's a scam service , created to steal digital assets.

I am writing this post because scammers order active advertising, including through mailings to clients of financial forums. I don’t know where they get the information, maybe they look at emails in user profiles somehow. Of course, they can't just hack your accounts. But if you receive a message advertising Freewallet, you should know that this is a scam mailing list!


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Freewallet is commiting fraud. As soon as you deposit funds there they block account and steal your assets. This may be called as a KYC scam. On our website you can find dozens of similar stories. There probably thousands of victims. So that, I don't reccomend anyone to use Freewallet app. And also I'd like to ask you to help us remove this app from the Appstore. Please, send abuses to to App Store emails and, so that new customers won't get scammed!

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By the way, I d like to add that it's not just my personal opinion.

There are hundreds of reviews in which victims tell how administration stole their money.

Some of them were added here: 

I'm not going advertise any other service to store and send crypto. But please avoid this scam because users didn't get their money back yet.

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