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Protecting Yourself Against Fraud

I just received the new Bulletin for April 2023 and was reading an article on reducing chances of losing money to scams.  The section I’m referring to is about your mailbox.  They said to sign up for Informed Delivery from the USPS. I have that and it helps in some ways.  However, when I see what mail is to be delivered and it doesn’t arrive, when I ask the Post Office where it is, they scoff and sneer about the program saying it causes more problems than it’s worth.  So far I’ve had checks and bills as well as other important items misdirected and delivered to someone else.  I just received a check today that appeared in I formed Delivery two weeks ago.  It had been sitting in my neighbor’s mailbox.  I would like to see what can be done to hold the Post Office accountable for misdirected mail.

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The only value I see in Informed Delivery is that it SOMETIMES will let you know of missing mail.  Their scanning is hit or miss, so you don’t always get all the images.  And you’re right, the USPS does nothing at all when you report mail not received.  I’ve elected to have paperless statements and bills with every company that I use who offers it.  I pay all bills through my bank’s online bill pay technology.  I write almost no checks anymore, and use the USPS for outgoing mail only on rare occasions.  It’s unfortunate that we still have to reply on them for incoming mail and packages.

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