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Jury Duty Scam

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me in the Scams and Fraud community this week.


I wanted to let you know this past week the Fraud Watch Helpline has recieved a larger than normal amount of Jury Duty Scam reports. So be careful out there, sounds like this scam is popping up again. In case you are not familiar with this scam it goes like this: you recieve a phone call from someone claiming to be with your local police department or court house (sometimes they will even use a real police officers name that they found online) and states that you missed jury duty and they have a summons for your arrest unless you pay!


It is important to remember that real U.S. court officials and law enforcement offices will not call you and ask for personal information, request money to pay a fine, nor will they threaten you with immediate arrest. Courts typically follow up with prospective and no-show jurors by mail. If you have any doubt about the correspondence you received from your county courthouse, independently research their phone number and call to verify it came from them.


Have you ever recieved this call?

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