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Is That Really the IRS Calling?

As tax filing season winds down, don't lower your guard to the year-round IRS imposter scam. Over the last five years, taxpayers have lost over $60 million to this scam, according to the IRS. Click here to read tips about the scam and watch a video to protect yourself and your family.

How It Works:

  • You get a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS.
  • The caller claims you owe a specific amount in taxes, and may threaten to arrest you if you don't pay immediately.
  • The call may seem legitimate because the caller ID may be rigged to say it's from the IRS.
  • The caller may even know part of your Social Security number.


What You Should Know:

  • The IRS will never call and demand immediate payment without first sending a notice through the mail.
  • The IRS will never ask for credit or debit cards over the phone, or threaten you with arrest for nonpayment.

What You Should Do:

  • If you get a call like this, hang up the phone.
  • If a call like this makes you concerned that you may owe taxes, call the IRS directly at 800-829-1040.
  • Call AARP's Fraud Watch Helpline for advice at 877-908-3360.
  • Learn more about this and other scams at
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As tax filing season winds down, don't lower your guard to the year-round IRS imposter scam.

While I thank you for the reminder; this scam is "as old as the hills".


Your post did not mention that, many times, the IRS scammers usually have a rather thick accent which makes it clear that they are most likely calling from a call center in a southern Asian country.


If I have a few minutes, I like to jerk these turkeys around, I mock them, I use confusing language, anything to take up their time...... I figure I might be saving a less informed person from falling for the scam.

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@VickiM68 Thanks for posting this reminder. While this scam may have been used for years, there are still people out there who fall for it, so thank you for posting. Hopefully some will read this and be spared the trouble. 🙂


@nctarheel LOL. 


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