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Re: Home Warranty Scams

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Just a passing note reguarding your thread, I have had AHS for the last 10 years & they have done an outstanding job. Sorry for your problem.

It's like all things in life, there are good & there are bad, buyer beware.
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Re: Home Warranty Scams

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@paulburgin  Tough lesson learned, I guess, but at least now you know. Thanks for being so kind as to warn others.

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Re: Home Warranty Scams

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Did you review the literature about these types of companies. If you had some some research, you would have easily found that everything that happened to you seems to be the rule, rather than the exception.

   I'm 'picking' on you as a general warning for everyone who puts down money for some kind of contractual obligation. It's up to you to arm yourself with knowledge before you enter a contract. Fifteen minutes online would scare the bajeebas out of you when you would read virtually nothing but horror stories about these companies.

Just think. The world was built by the lowest bidder.
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Home Warranty Scams

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I recently bought a home warranty which covers all the appliances in your home which includes heating and air conditioners. My HVAC unit went out and they stated in the web-site that they would repair or replace unit=after several phone calls and lots of e-mails they refused to follow all the statements made by I filed a complaint with the State Insurance Commission,they could not do anything because the warranty company was in another state,so I filed a complaint with the consumer fraud division of my state and they referred it to the insurance commission,so I called the Insurance Commission and they stated that all Home Warranty Plans are nothing but a SCAM...So I looked up some home warranty info on the BBB Website and just on one company found over 1500 complaints....These companies are not regulated and are really not insurance but a warranty...and they get plenty of sass in their mouths when they talk to you as they think there s noting you can do,so be careful and READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS and you will see they really don't pay for anything and will just rip you off.....

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