Car Wash Memberships/Svcs/Non-Refundable



FYI.  Seniors/Buyers beware and careful of the fine print and services with car wash agreements/memberships.  You likely won't have time to read it in the drive-thru of the car wash, but will get payments deducted monthly whether you use the car wash or not.  In my case, I did not see the deducted monthly charges of $24.95 on my online credit card statement until they had run up $100 in charges.  Further, the last car wash at the Chantilly location in Mgm, I had to have them prespray and rewash a couple of times as apparently one side of the machine or the tire and undercarriage cleaner was not cleaning the car very well.  On top of that, I have not been able to get out and about in my vehicle to have a carwash due to disabling & excrutiating nerve pains in my back and shoulders for almost 5 months since the 1st car wash that I received and paid for in April 2023  at this location.  Marc 1 (Swiftly) company under the umbrella of Mammoth Holdings refused to refund any of the monies, but gave me only one free "Top Wash" of $25 after requesting they provide me with something after taking my money and not receiving any car wash services.

Jay B


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