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A Romance Scam--and an Arrest

The Perfect Scam podcast profiles America's biggest scams through personal stories of scam victims and their families as well as interviews with professional con artists and leading experts on scams and fraud. Hear about how these scams happen and how to avoid them from those who know best.


In this episode, Bryon, a retired pastor, thought he’d met his dream girl online. For five years he conversed over the internet with Joy, who claimed to live in London. So when Joy asked Bryon to transport real estate papers, he had no idea he was being used in an elaborate plot to smuggle drugs. Bryon is one of hundreds of Americans over the age of 60 who were conned into unwittingly serving as drug mules in what the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging calls one of the worst scams it has uncovered.





Have you had experience with a similar scam? Share your story and any tips you have with us.

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"......“Joy” asked Mr. Martin to travel to South America, pick up some sealed packages she claimed contained real estate documents, and deliver them to her in Europe.  Mr. Martin was unaware that the sealed packages actually contained approximately four pounds of cocaine.....".


"....Have you had experience with a similar scam?...".

   No. I don't know anyone that stupid. I'm really tired of hearing about 'victims' of scams. Most of these 'victims' seem to be ignorant beyond comprehension.

"...Why is everyone a victim? Take personal responsibility for your life..."
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