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This is meant to be a long running topic .  The rules are simple and there are a zillion songs out there, so lets see what we can do with this.

You start with a song title.  Let's use  Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith

You look at that title, pick out one word from it and find a new song title with that word in it,( example, In & Out of Love - Bon Jovi)  then post the new title as your post.  The next person follows.   See easy

So lets give it a try.    My title is   Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith.




Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
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From:  The RAIN, the Park & Other Things


To:  RAIN On the Roof -- The Lovin' Spoonful

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 FROM  -  RAIN on the roof.


TO  -  I wish it would RAIN   -   bt The Temptations


I remember the Cowsills and The Loving Spoonful like it was just yesterday


As Bob Hope says,  "Thanks for the momories"

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No More Mr. Nice Guy by Alice Cooper

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From: No More Mr. NICE Guy


To:  It's So NICE To Be With You -- Gallery

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FROM: Wouldn't It Be Nice


TO: You Didn't Have to Be So Nice -- The Lovin' Spoonful

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FROM  -  YOU didn't have to be so nice


TO  -  YOU don't bring me flowers any more  -  Neil Diamond & Barbra Streisand


So nice to see I'm not the only one who types OOPS- 

Thanks for the smile.........

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From:  You Don't Bring Me FLOWERS Any More


To:  FLOWERS On the Wall -- The Statler Brothers



rc8149  You're far from being the only one to type OOPS.  I do it frequently, and think a lot worse, LOL.  It catches up with all of us from time to time.

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TO: San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Flowers In Your Hair) -- Scott Mckenzie


🙃 haha rc8149 ... my pleasure! This game always makes me smile ... plus I've learned a lot I never knew about music I grew up with and have even gotten introduced to great music I'd never heard before!

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Nothing  But  Flowers   ==   Talking  Heads

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FROM  -  Nothing but FLOWERS


TO  -  Where have all the FLOWERS gone ?    by    The Kingston Trio

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Flowers  And  Beads   ==   Iron  Butterfly

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@ls1873 wrote:

Flowers  And  Beads   ==   Iron  Butterfly

To:  "Artificial Flowers", Bobby Darin

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Oops haha ... didn't follow my own advice! See above instead. 

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Wouldn't  It  Be  Nice   ==   Beach  Boys

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Was Made For Loving You by Kiss

Social Butterfly

FROM  -  I was MADE for loving you


TO  -  You MADE me so very happy   by   Blood, Sweat & Tears

Regular Social Butterfly

FROM: You've Made Me So Very Happy


TO: You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go -- Bob Dylan


One thing that helps is to hit the refresh button (looks like a circle with an arrow) in the far right of the web address bar at the top, right before I hit reply, just to make sure I'm replying to the latest post. 

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From:  You're Gonna MAKE Me Lonesome When You Go


To:  MAKE It Easy On Yourself -- Jerry Butler

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Make  It  With  You   ==   Bread

Honored Social Butterfly

From:  MAKE It With You


To:  Not Ready To MAKE Nice -- The Dixie Chicks

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From: I Was MADE For LOVing YOU


To:  YOU MADE Me LOVe YOU -- Judy Garland

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From:  What Kind Of FOOL Am I? -- Sammy Davis, Jr. 


To:  George Strait; Fool Hearted Memory

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From:  FOOL Hearted Memory


To:  Poor Little FOOL -- Rick Nelson

Social Butterfly


FROM  -  Fool Hearted MEMORY


TO  -  MEMORY    by    Barbra Streisand


Writen by Andrew Loyd Weber  

From the long running, and one of the best Broadway Shows ,  "CATS"

Honored Social Butterfly

From:  MEMORy


To:  MEMORies Are  Made Of This -- Dean Martin

Social Butterfly

FROM  -  Memories are MADE of this


TO -  I was MADE to love her   by   Stevie Wonder

Social Butterfly



That was from:   Poor Little FOOL


Can't forget  Ricky Nelson


Someday I'll Get this right,  (It might be some year,  keep laughing with myself)

Honored Social Butterfly

from             Memory           To


        Take Your Memory With You           Vince Gill

Social Butterfly

From: Wooden  Ships   ==   CSN

To:  Ship Of Fools    2 different songs Robert Plant  and Bob Segar

Social Butterfly



TO  -  Everybody's somebody's FOOL   by   Connie Francis

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