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This is meant to be a long running topic .  The rules are simple and there are a zillion songs out there, so lets see what we can do with this.

You start with a song title.  Let's use  Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith

You look at that title, pick out one word from it and find a new song title with that word in it,( example, In & Out of Love - Bon Jovi)  then post the new title as your post.  The next person follows.   See easy

So lets give it a try.    My title is   Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith.




Life's a Journey, not a Destination" Aerosmith
Honored Social Butterfly

Share  The  Land   ==   Guess  Who

Honored Social Butterfly

From:  SHARE the Land


To:  The Lion's SHARE -- Dan Fogelberg  

Bronze Conversationalist

From: The Lion's SHARE -- Dan Fogelberg

To: SHARE Your Love -- Earth Wind and Fire
Honored Social Butterfly

From:  SHARE Your Love


To:  I'll SHARE My World With You -- Tom Jones

Honored Social Butterfly

Twilght Zone by Golden Earring

Honored Social Butterfly

From:  TWILIGHT Zone


To:  TWILIGHT Time -- The Platters   

Bronze Conversationalist

From: TWILIGHT Time -- The Platters

To: Twilight -- Vanessa Carlton
Honored Social Butterfly

LIGHT  Of  The  Morning   ==   Band  Of  Skulls

Honored Social Butterfly

From:  LIGHT OF the Morning


To:  Sons OF LIGHT -- Celtic Thunder

Honored Social Butterfly

from                Sons Of Light                  to


                 Blinded By the Light                Bruce Springsteen

Bronze Conversationalist

From: Blinded By the Light -- Bruce Springsteen

To: LIGHT My Fire -- Jose Feliciano
Trusted Contributor


      LIGHT My Fire -- Jose Feliciano  (and The Doors)  



    Great Balls of Fire -- Jerry Lee Lewis

Honored Social Butterfly

From:  Great BALLs Of Fire


To:  Red Rubber BALL -- The Cyrkle

Bronze Conversationalist

From: Red Rubber BALL -- The Cyrkle

To: BALL of Confusion -- Temptations
Regular Social Butterfly

Just The Way You Are ==> Billy Joel

Bronze Conversationalist

From: JUST The Way You Are -- Billy Joel

To: I JUST Want To Be Your Everything -- Andy Gibb
Honored Social Butterfly

From:  I JUST Want To Be Your Everything


To:  JUST A Song At Twilight -- Paul Byrom  & Damian McGinty

Regular Social Butterfly

PLAY Me ==> Neil Diamond 

Honored Social Butterfly

From:  PLAY  Me


To:  Just Push PLAY -- Aerosmith

Honored Social Butterfly

Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry

Honored Social Butterfly

Funk #49 by The James Gang

Honored Social Butterfly


Funk #49 by The James Gang

To:  "Funky Dish Rag", Little Richard

Regular Social Butterfly


"Funky Dish Rag"

TO: Funkytown -- Lipps Inc. 


Cry me a River by Justin Timberlake

Bronze Conversationalist

From: Cry Me a RIVER -- Justin Timberlake

To: RIVER Deep, Mountain High -- Ike and Tina Turner
Honored Social Butterfly

From:  RIVER Deep, Mountain High


To:  Down To the RIVER To Pray -- Celtic Thunder

Honored Social Butterfly

Rivers  Of  The  Hidden  Funk   ==   Joe  Walsh

Honored Social Butterfly

Take My Breath Away by Berlin

Honored Social Butterfly

Fom:  TAKE My Breath Away


To:  TAKE Me Home -- Celtic Thunder  

Bronze Conversationalist

From: TAKE Me Home -- Celtic Thunder

TO: TAKE It to the Limit -- Eagles
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