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Patsy Cline

Is "bomp, bomp, bomp" doo-wop and does it qualify Patsy Cline's You Belong to Me as Rock and Roll?:



Would you describe Patsy Cline's Sweet Dreams as "operatic?:"



Incidentally, she has the clearest female voice that I have ever heard and I find great beauty in that clarity, despite the southern accent and me being a northerner.


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Crazy, for not liking Patsy Cline's music

She was one of a kind, I'd say and her music is best described as wonderful. I imagine that as time goes by, her music will endure. I wouldn't have cared much for her in my 20's or 30's though I knew some who did but thank goodness, my musical horizons expanded as did my life experiences. Things she sang of didn't resonate with me until I reached a certain point in my life. I only thought I knew everything that was worth knowing when I was younger. Now I realize how much there is that I still don't know.

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I would not classify Patsys style as rock or opera. Wikipedia has her classified as a country singer who crossed over to pop. No matter what kind of singer she is thought of, she has the most amazing, crystal clear voice I’ve ever heard. Such a loss to the music world that she died so young. “I fall to pieces” is my favorite song of hers. It speaks for itself! 

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