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Organs in Stores and restaurants

For a while, some might have had organs in pizza parlors.  In Philadelphia, there is a Macy's with a pipe organ in the store!  The console is on the 3rd floor of the store and then several floors up are the pipes for the organ.  It has a total of 6 manuals.  Now some might think an organ in a store would sound kind of weird.  To me, I like the idea of having a theatre organ in a store.  But then it would have to depend on the size, and where to house the console.  Allen Organ Corporation does make electronic versions of the pipe organ when space is limited.  If there was to be an organ to be housed in a store, one might come to the idea of more of a spinet organ due to that the pedalboard only contains 15 pedals.  My 1970 Hammond T-312 is a spinet organ.  Most church organs and just about all your theatre organs have 32-note pedalboards.  The cool thing about a 5-manual organ is that those have almost all the stops needed to play all kinds of music.  I suggested to Walgreens that they get an organ for the store and I would be one of the volunteers to play it during the daytime due to that daytime is when the most of us are out.  And I would be playing most of the songs from the roaring 20s, gold rush era songs, etc.  

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