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What's your ultimate retirement?

Personal finance guru Suze Orman maps out 10 steps you can take— right now— to make your ultimate retirement a reality. What's your ultimate retirement?

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Doing whatever I please. Anytime I choose to do it!! Pretty much like I am right now! I can travel whenever I want. I have a small music studio upstairs and use some of my time writing and recording songs. I will travel more when the Covid Gas disappears. I bought a small trailer in July of 2019, and immediately after had my knee replaced. When I was able to get around again I installed the solar power system. That all happened just in time for my dog to start having major health issues. Then in spring of 2020 came Covid, where we still are, so I have not been able to travel any. I now have a new, young, enthusiastic dog who is going to be a GREAT travel buddy. I have had him in the trailer a few times, once overnight, and he is just happy to be wherever I am. With a great deal of internet knowledge, I know about methods to find places to park for free or very little money, replacing the $100 a night hotel rooms that kept me from traveling more. With what I have invested in this trailer, after 55 days of not paying for a hotel it pays for itself. I can tailor my trips to my specific interests. Mine and mine alone. Love my life!!!

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